Noodle wants to go outside, but she's little and small and can't open doors, so it's time to get creative! Explore, combine, and destroy to find your way out of the apartment; there's more than one way to get to the yard!

This game was made in a day with Bitsy for a 3-person game jam comprised of Mary, Pete, and Vince. We had a lot of fun making it and hope you enjoy playing it. :)

Keyboard Controls: Use WASD or arrow keys to move Noodle or interact with objects.

Touch Controls: swipe in the direction you wish to move or interact.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsNone Hitwonder, Pete Ellison, Mary T.
Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Bitsy, Cats, Comedy, Cute, Escape Game, Game Jam, zelda-like


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Cute game! Noodle Escaped! :)

Thanks! We had such a great time making it, and it makes me so happy to know people have enjoyed it. :)

This is so good! i found five endings! But i'm wondering if you can send me the code for the game because i'm new to bitsy and want to learn how to make all these awesome things in your game. :) 

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We're so glad you enjoyed the game! You can view the source code by pasting this link into your browser (or if that doesn't work right, you can click here and then view the source with your favorite browser):  view-source:

We also added a little extra javascript to the end of the file so we could use dialog to transition rooms, which is how you get from putting the art print in the oven to the kitchen fire, for example. I hope this helps! :)


Thank you so much! This is indeed going to help me out a lot!  \(^3^)/


I love all the tiny rooms! So cute!!

Yay, thank you! ☺️

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this is so cute!!! and god i love all the different ways to get outside! they are all such a surprise and made me laugh a lot... i hope my cats dont hecking try anything like this... (so far they just meow and scratch at bedroom door's to be let out... >.<;;)


I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :) I definitely hope your cats don't get any ideas from this game! Thankfully the real-life Noodle hasn't seen the game, so she hasn't tried any of these tricks either.


aaaaaw she's so cute!!!!!!


We love her a whole lot. We're fostering her in addition to two we already adopted, so if you know anyone in Chicago looking for a Noodle, we have a good one. 


so cute!

Yay, thanks! 


This was such a pleasant and cute experience! Thank you for making and sharing!

Aw shucks, I'm blushin' over here! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!


Yaaaay I found three different endings. Great game!

Yay thanks! 😊 I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 


This is fantastic!!!

Thank you so much! 😊


Thanks for making a game with me Vince and Mary!

It was so fun! Let's do it again. 


Yes!! Let's :D


This was super cute & fun.

Thank you! 😊

I'm glad you enjoyed it!