This is the Inspiration Fairy.

He just lost his dangerous and illegal magic wand collection; now he needs your help to find them all!

The Inspiration Fairy is the one to blame for all your best ideas. He lives in the magical forest and is allergic to yeast. Faves: the Mint Fairy, drinking Blorf, and freestyle rapping.


  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • CTRL - Shoot
  • Enter - Start

This psychotic train wreck game is very much a work-in-progress. I built this version in Gamemaker Studio 1.4, and am moving everything over to Godot for the remainder of development.  All the pixel art is made with Piskel, and the current SFX were made with Bfxr, with music made by the wonderful Pete Ellison. I'll be posting updates to my Twitter feed and in the devlog.


  1. There's a completely unnecessary quit option on the title screen
  2. The space bar also makes Inspy shoot, but the fire comes out of the wrong place
  3. If the life bar has more than three hearts, it carries over to the next game session, as well as remaining on-screen during the title cards

Development log